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May 26 Reviews: Of Noble Family in Mary Robinette Kowal in Fantasy. Zombeavers in Movies.


The Maltese Gargoyle, a pastiche of Dashiell Hammett with magic, is now available as is Architects of Tomorrow, a survey of the work of 6 SF authors. Click on cover to buy on Amazon.

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May 25 Reviews: Lord of Runes by Dave Gross in Fantasy. Sherlock Holmes and the Shakespeare Letter by Barry Grant in Mysteries. Hell Swarm in Movies.

May 24 Reviews: Adjacent by Christopher Priest in SF. Survival Island in Movies.

May 23 Reviews: Forge of Ashes by Josh Vogt in Fantasy. Cry Chaos by Dwight Swain in SF. The Roost in Movies.

May 22 Reviews: Forgotten Room by Lincoln Child in SF. House Without a Key by Earl Derr Biggers in Mysteries. Spring Break Shark Attack in Movies.

May 21 Reviews: Inspector of the Dead by David Morrell in Mysteries. Androids of Tara by Terrance Dicks in SF.

May 20 Reviews: Trial of Intentions by Peter Orrullian in Fantasy.

May 19 Reviews: The Fold by Peter Clines in SF. Classic Horror Films and the Literature That Inspired Them by Ron Backer in Nonfiction.

May 18 Reviews: Liminal War by Ayize Jama-Everett in SF. Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury in Other Fiction. Extraterrestrial in Movies.

May 17 Reviews: The Silence by Tim Lebbon in SF. Blood on the Trail by Max Brand in Other Fiction. Dinosaur Island in Movies.

May 16 Reviews: Last Call for Doomsday by Edmond Hamilton in SF. Out of the Past by Patricia Wentworth in Mysteries. Icetastrophe in Movies.

May 15 Reviews: Emergence by John Birmingham in SF. Lost States by Michael Trinklein in Nonfiction.

May 14 Reviews: In the Gulfs of Dream by David Barker & W.H. Pugmire in Horror. Stones of Blood by Terrance Dicks in SF. Drownsman in Movies.

May 13 Reviews: Ribos Operation by Ian Marter in SF. Agony Column by Earl Derr Biggers in Mysteries.

May 12 Reviews: Kingdom of Darkness by Andy McDermott and Forgotten Worlds by Howard Browne in SF.

May 11 Reviews: Pyramid by David Gibbins in Other Fiction. Get in Trouble by Kelly Link in Fantasy.

May 10 Reviews: When the Heavens Fall by Marc Turner in Fantasy.

May 9 Reviews: Venusian Gambit by Michael J. Martinez in SF. Longhorn Feud by Max Brand in Other Fiction. Age of Ultron in Movies.

May 8 Reviews: Bathed in Blood by Alex Archer in Fantasy. A Boy Ten Feet Tall by W.H. Canaway in Other Fiction. House of the Long Shadows in Movies.

May 7 Reviews: Mother of Eden by Chris Beckett in SF. Poison in the Pen by Patricia Wentworth in Mysteries. House of Cards Season 1 in Movies.

May 6 Reviews: Dreamless by Jorgen Brekke in Mysteries. Invasion of Time by Terrance Dicks in SF.

May 5 Reviews: Alexander's Army by Chris D'Lacie in Fantasy. Seven Keys to Baldpate by Earl Derr Biggers in Mystery. Burning Dead in Movies.

May 4 Reviews: Long Black Curl by Alex Bledsoe in Fantasy. Fantastic Made Visible edited by Kapell and Pilkington in Nonfiction.

May 3 Reviews: Battle in the Dawn by Manly Wade Wellman and Forbidden Garden by John Taine in SF.

May 2 Reviews: Djinn by Graham Masterton in Horror. The Bronze Hand by Carolyn Wells in Mysteries. .

May 1 Reviews: Stone Cold Dead by James Ziskin in Mysteries. Godwhale by T.J. Bass in SF.

Apr 30 Reviews: Corsair by James Cambias in SF. See Also Murder by Larry Sweazy in Mysteries. Jinn in Movies.

Apr 29 Reviews: Suicide Exhibition by Justin Richards and Mirage for Planet X by Stanley Mullen in SF.

Apr 28 Reviews: Vostok by Steve Alten in SF. Strange Return of Sherlock Holmes by Barry Grant in Mysteries.

Apr 27 Reviews: Three more Doctor Who novels by Terrance Dicks in SF.