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Nov 25 Reviews: Daughter of No Nation by A.M. Dellamonica in Fantasy. Three Against the Roum by Robert Moore Williams in SF.

Nov 24 Reviews: House on the Moor by William Meikle in Horror. Six Letter Word for Death by Patricia Moyes in Mysteries.

Nov 23 Reviews: People of the Ruins by Edward Shanks and English Corridor by John Gilchrist in SF. Hidden in Movies.

Nov 22 Reviews: Who Is Simon Warwick? and Angel Death by Patricia Moyes in Mysteries. Soundtracks for Arrow Season 3 and Flash Season 1 in Movies.

Nov 21 Reviews: Shards of Heaven by Michael Livingston in Fantasy.

Nov 20 Reviews:  Beast or Man? by Sean M'Guire in SF. Triple Detective in Mysteries.

Nov 19 Reviews: Night Music by John Connolly in Horror. Victims of the Vortex by Rog Phillips in SF. Pixels in Movies.

Nov 18 Reviews: Child of Two Worlds by Greg Cox and Nebula Awards Showcase 2015 edited by Greg Bear in SF.

Nov 17 Reviews: Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King in Horror. Some Kind of Hate in Movies.

Nov 16 Reviews: Universe Wreckers by Edmond Hamilton in SF. Coconut Killings by Patricia Moyes in Mysteries. Redwood Massacre in Movies.

Nov 15 Reviews: Prison in Antares by Mike Resnick in SF. Black Widower by Patricia Moyes in Mysteries. Charlie's Farm in Movies.

Nov 14 Reviews: Made to Kill by Adam Christopher in SF. Fightin' Fool by Max Brand in Other Fiction. Why Don't You Play in Hell? in Movies.

Nov 13 Reviews: Dynasty of the Lost by George O. Smith in SF. House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz in Mysteries. Evangeline in Movies.

Nov 12 Reviews: Death Wave by Ben Bova in SF. Sherlock Holmes and the Running Noose by Donald Thomas in Mysteries. Cabinet of Souls in Movies.

Nov 11 Reviews: God Seeker by Sinclair Lewis in Other Fiction. Spectre in Movies.

Nov 10 Reviews: Season of Snows and Sins and Curious Affair of the Third Dog by Patricia Moyes in Mysteries. Stung in Movies.

Nov 9 Reviews: Scratch One Asteroid by Willard Hawkins in SF. Eternity Ring by Patricia Wentworth in Mysteries. Sinkhole in Movies.

Nov 8 Reviews: Ghost House by Norman Berrow in Horror. Princess of Arelli by Aladra Septama in SF. 3 Headed Shark Attack in Movies.

Nov 7 Reviews: Mystic by Jason Denzel in Fantasy. Secret Life of Anna Blanc by Jennifer Kincheloe in Mysteries. Jurassic Predator in Movies.

Nov 6 Reviews: Old Mars edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois in SF. Execution of Sherlock Holmes by Donald Thomas in Mysteries. Final Girls in Movies.

Nov 5 Reviews: In the Second Year by Storm Jameson in SF. Sherlock Holmes and the King's Evil by Donald Thomas in Mysteries. Lavalantula in Movies.

Nov 4 Reviews: Gold Tooth by John Taine in SF. Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert in Nonfiction. 

Nov 3 Reviews: Flesh & Wires by Jackie Hatton in SF. Many Deadly Returns by Patricia Moyes in Mysteries.

Nov 2 Reviews: It Waits Below by Eric Red in SF. Monsters and Monstrosity edited by Hutchison & Brown in Nonfiction. Grimm Season 4 in Movies.

Nov 1 Reviews: Every House Is Haunted by Ian Rogers in Horror. Wheel of Time Companion in Nonfiction. He Fell Among Thieves by Milton Lesser in SF.

Oct 31 Reviews: Death and the Dutch Uncle by Patricia Moyes in Mysteries. Gunman's Gold by Max Brand in Other Fiction. Goosebumps 3 Pack in Movies.

Oct 30 Reviews: Mycroft Holmes by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Anna Waterhouse in Mysteries. Conception Zero by Gerald Vance in SF. Blob That Ate Everyone and Go Eat Worms in Movies.

Oct 29 Reviews: Geomancer by Clay & Susan Griffith in Fantasy. Enslaved Brains by Eando Binder in SF.

Oct 28 Reviews: Woman with a Blue Pencil by Gordon McAlpine in Fantasy. Murder Fantastical by Patricia Moyes in Mysteries. After Earth in Movies.

Oct 27 Reviews: Saturn Run by John Sandford & Ctein in SF.

Oct 26 Reviews: Ancillary Mercy by Ann Leckie in SF.

Oct 25 Reviews: Magnanthropus by Manly Banister and Beyond the Fearful Forest by Geoff St. Reynard in SF. Pendulum of War by Niall Barr in Nonfiction.