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Oct 20 Reviews: Maplecroft by Cherie Priest in Horror. Tales of Superhuman Powers by Csenge Viraq Zalka and Formulas of Popular Fiction by Ann Faktorovich in Nonfiction. Werewolf Rising in Movies.

Oct 19 Reviews: Universe Maker by A.E. van Vogt, Gunfighters by Donald Cotton, & Sinister Invasion by Edmond Hamilton in SF. Battle's End by Max Brand in Other Fiction.

Oct 18 Reviews: Spawn of the Flame in Horror. Twelve Times Zero by Howard Browne in SF. It's Magic You Dope by Jack Sharkey in Fantasy. S.S. van Dine article in Books & Authors. Caesar and Cleopatra by George Bernard Shaw in Other Fiction. Mandrake in Movies.

Oct 17 Reviews: Invasive Species by Joseph Wallace in SF. Monster of St Marylebone by Wayne Worcester in Mysteries.

Oct 16 Reviews: Destination Universe by A.E. van Vogt, Mad Robot by William McGivern, and Celestial Toymaker by Gerry Davis & Alison Bingeman in SF. Paths to the Present by Arthur Schlesinger in Nonfiction.

Oct 15 Reviews: Festive in Death by J.D.Robb and Planet of Shame by Bruce Elliott in SF. Devil's Disciple by George Bernard Shaw in Other Fiction. Big Trouble in Little China in Movies.

Oct 14 Reviews: Jala's Mask by Mike & Rachel Grinti in Fantasy. Philip Dru: Administrator by Edward House, Ultimate Peril by Robert Abernathy, & Beware the Usurpers by Geoff St. Reynard in SF. Sharknado 2 in Movies.

Oct 13 Reviews: Kaiju Apocalypse by Eric S. Brown & Jason Cordova and Predator X by CJ Waller in SF. Infernal Device by Michael Kurland in Mysteries.

Oct 12 Reviews: Exit Sherlock Holmes by Robert Lee Hall, The Ark by Paul Erickson, & Rx Jupiter Save Us by Ward Moore in SF. Timbal Gulch Trail by Max Brand in Other Fiction.

Oct 11 Reviews: Parasite by Mira Grant in SF. Politics of Upheaval by Arthur Schlesinger Jr. in Nonfiction.

Oct 10 Reviews: Deadly Ruse by E. Michael Helms in Mysteries. Crusade Across the Void by Dwight Swain and Massacre by John Lucarotti in SF. House of the Devil in Movies.

Oct 9 Reviews: Devils in the Dark by Hugh Cave in Horror. Away and Beyond by A.E. van Vogt and Secret of the Serpent by Don Wilcox in SF. Beware the Blob in Movies.

Oct 8 Reviews: Five Minutes Alone by Paul Cleave in Mysteries. Mission to Unknown and Mutation of Time by John Peel in SF. Candida by George Bernard Shaw in Other Fiction.  Leprechaun: Origins in Movies.

Oct 7 Reviews: Mission to the Stars by A.E. van Vogt and Slaves to the Metal Horde by Milton Lesser in SF. Galloping Broncos by Max Brand in Other Fiction. Grimm Season 3 in Movies.

Oct 6 Reviews: Wolf in Winter by John Connolly in Horror. Buttoned Sky and Cosmic Bunglers by Geoff St. Reynard in SF. Black Hole in Movies.

Oct 5 Reviews: Weapon Shops of Isher by A.E. van Vogt in SF. Tongueless Horror by Wyatt Blassingame in Horror. Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw in Other Fiction. Elementary Season 2 in Movies.

Oct 4 Reviews: Queen of Hearts by Rhys Bowen in Mysteries. Moon Era by Jack Williamson and Revenge of the Robots by Howard Browne in SF. Boggy Creek in Movies.

Oct 3 Reviews: Time Roads by Beth Bernobich in Fantasy. Breakout by John Deane Potter in Nonfiction. Neverlake in Movies.

Oct 2 Reviews: Hunters Out of Space & Hunters Out of Time by Joseph Kelleam, Weapon from Eternity by Dwight Swain, and Myth Makers by Donald Cotton in SF. Last Sherlock Holmes Story by Michael Dibdin in Mysteries.

Oct 1 Reviews: Heraclix and Pomp by Forrest Aguirre in Fantasy. Invasion from the Deep by Paul Fairman and Galaxy 4 by William Emms in SF. Mistral by Max Brand in Other Fiction. 3 soundtracks in Movies.

Sep 30 Reviews: Life We Bury by Allen Eskens in Mysteries. Shaver Mystery Vols 4 & 5 by Richard Shaver in SF.

Sep 29 Reviews: Laughing in the Dark by Michael McCarty in Horror. Queen of the Panther World by Berkley Livingston and Terror Station by Dwight Swain in SF. Batman and Robin in Movies.

Sep 28 Reviews: Red Tide, edited anonymously, in SF. Enter the Lion by Michael Hodel and Sean Wright in Mysteries. In Time in Movies.

Sep 27 Reviews: Jonah Watch by Jack Cady in Horror. Hocus Pocus Universe by Jack Williamson in SF. Rustlers of Beacon Creek by Max Brand in Other Fiction. Red Dwarf X in Movies.

Sep 26 Reviews: Falling Sky by Rajan Khanna and Shaver Mysteries 2 by Richard Shaver in SF. Mrs. Warren's Profession by George Bernard Shaw in Other Fiction. Daybreakers in Movies.

Sep 25 Reviews: We Are Not Good People by Jeff Somers in Fantasy. Secret of the Black Planet by Milton Lesser in SF. Dark Lady of the Sonnets by George Bernard Shaw in Other Fiction. X-Men First Class in Movies.

Sep 24 Reviews: House That Stood Still by A.E. van Vogt and Man from Tomorrow by Stanton Coblentz in SF. Starship Rising in Movies.

Sep 23 Reviews: Below by Ryan Lockwood in SF. Temple of the Ten by H. Bedford-Jones & W.C. Robertson in Fantasy. Exploits of Captain O'Hagan by Sax Rohmer in Other Fiction. Dark Passage in Movies.

Sep 22 Reviews: Mistress of Terror by Wyatt Blassingame in Horror. John Bull's Other Island by George Bernard Shaw and Stranger by Max Brand in Other Fiction. Vampire Academy in Movies.

Sep 21 Reviews: Eye of Zoltar by Jasper Fforde in Fantasy. Wizard of Linn by A.E. van Vogt and Shaver Mystery Vol 2 by Richard Shaver in SF. Key Largo in Movies.