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Definitions:  I have attempted to assign books to the appropriate categories, but definitions vary and you're stuck with mine.  Horror fiction does not include non-supernatural horror like Silence of the Lambs.  I have listed all the Anita Blake books as horror because at the time they first began appearing, they seemed to fall into a limbo between horror and fantasy.  Now that there are numerous imitators, I have had to rethink the situation.  I'm currently leaning toward moving all those in which everyone knows that vampires and werewolves are real into fantasy, but keeping those in which it is our world and the supernatural creatures are living in secret.  I know this is arbitrary, but that's life.  Similarly, I originally included all the military SF Warhammer novels as fantasy because there were demons in a lot of them.  I am now moving those to SF simply because the distinction is useful.  It will be a while before these changes are reflected in the text.

Format:  Each entry is alphabetical by title beneath each author, also alphabetical.  Pseudonyms are noted and will eventually be cross linked.  Books appearing under a pseudonym are listed under that name.  Titles are followed by a list of publications by different imprint. Reprints by the same imprint are not included.  They should be in the correct chronological order.  Title change information is listed here as well and, for house pseudonyms, the real name of the author if known.  Below each title is a notation of a series name and placement within that series, if relevant.  In some cases, the author may have chosen a series name after I chose one for myself, and I haven't always remembered to go back and update this info.  Finally we have a VERY brief plot summary, usually just enough to prove that this is in fact a work of science fiction, fantasy, or whatever.

These will all be crosslinked eventually.

Comments, corrections, additions, and questions should be directed to:  Don D'Ammassa.  Contributors will appear on the Thank You page.