Last Update7/19/18


Dark Matter Season 3 (2017) 

Although I have some problems with the premise of this show, the cast is excellent with one exception and the stories have been quite interesting. A crew of brainwashed villains become the good guys in an interstellar war among various corporations. It was cancelled after this season and I suspect part of it was because they struck out in too many directions. There is time travel, parallel universes, alien invasions, artificial humans, and an android rebel movement among other plots.  This is a shame because I really enjoyed entering this world and following its characters. It also suggests that, as in The Expanse, the tv audience is ready for more sophisticated SF. 7/19/18

The Midnight Man (2016)

This is another of those movies where stupid young people perform an ancient ritual in an old house that evokes the monster of the title. Why do people always put these things in their attic instead of destroying them? That said, while this is no classic, the acting and production values are good and the lapses of logic relatively minor, at least until the friend shows up and joins the game. It just made no sense from that point on. And they keep forgetting that they're not supposed to stand still. They remain in one place for half an hour. Some of the special effects are particularly creepy. Unfortunately they keep changing the rules and powers of the monster as the movie progresses. Motivations make no sense at times. People forget things they have learned. Supposedly a ring of salt provides protection, but the monster can break the circle! Robert Englund has a cameo. 5/7/18

Channel Zero: Candle Cove (2016)

The unusual premise for this series is that each season is a different, six part mini-series with different characters and story lines.  A child psychologist returns to his home town where his twin brother disappeared when they were twelve. They watched a television program which, according to some characters was real and according to others was imaginary. The hero encounters a skeleton costumed figure in the woods just before he finds a lost child. The problem is that while things that should be hidden are unclear, others that should be revealed are also unclear, which makes it nearly impossible to find any underlying logic, or to care for any of the characters.  Now that he is back, some of the local people wonder if he was responsible. There's supernatural stuff as well as the basic mystery, but the latter takes too long to assume a shape and provide momentum. One bewildering thing after another distracts us and dilutes the story line. The chief protagonist is portrayed as a diffident, retiring introvert whose low voice and lack of energy left me impatient and annoyed. Not an auspicious start. 7/5/18