ф A Managansett Story

Җ A Concourse Universe Story

A Hyperspatial Plain Story

A Devlin Story




Blood Beast (1988) Pinnacle ф

Servants of Chaos (2002) Leisure (2015 - Mangansett) ф

Scarab (2004) Five Star Җ (2015 - Mangansett)

Haven (2004) Five Star Җ (2015 - Mangansett)

Murder in Silverplate (2004) Five Star (2015 - Mangansett)

Dead of Winter (2007) Five Star (2015 - Mangansett)

Narcissus (2007) Five Star Җ (2015 - Mangansett)

The Gargoyle (2011 - Necon, a complete rewrite of Blood Beast) ф

Death at the Art Gallery (2014) (Panverse and Managansett)

The Sinking Island (2015) Managansett Press

The Kaleidoscope (2015) Managansett Press

Caverns of Chaos (2015) Managansett Press

Death on the Mountain (2015) Managansett Press

Living Things (2015) Managansett Press ф

Dark Mistress (as Paula Sheffield) (2015) Managansett Press

Death on Black Island (2015) Managansett Press

Dark Muse (as Paula Sheffield) (2015) Managansett Press

Perilous Pursuits (2015) Managansett Press

Wormdance  Җ (2015) Managansett Press

Night Rules ф


The Maltese Gargoyle

Carbon Copies

Death in Black and White

The Hippogriff of the Baskervilles

Death in the Neighborhood

Ten Little Homunculi

The 39 Adepts

Murder on the Oracle Express


Translation Station (Merry Blacksmith, 2011)

That Way Madness Lies (2015) Managansett Press

Little Evils (2015) Managansett Press

Passing Death (2015) Managansett Press

Date with the Dark (2015) Managansett Press

Elaborate Lies (2015) Managansett Press

Sandcastles (2015) Managansett Press

The Devil Is in the Details (2015) Managansett Press

Alien & Otherwise (2015) Managansett Press

Shadows Over R'leyh (2015) Managansett Press

Phantom of the Space Opera (2015) Managansett Press

More Shadows Over R'Lyeh (2017)

The Retro Collection (2017)

Still More Shadows Over R'Lyeh (2019)

Unsold Screenplays

The Kaleidoscope ф (optioned)

Sneak Thief


Masters of Adventure Vol I: James Bond & His Rivals

Masters of Adventure Vol II: Hammond Innes, Mary Stewart, Geoffrey Jenkins, Eric Ambler, Alistair MacLean

Masters of Adventure Vol III: Victor Canning, Victoria Holt, The Death Merchant, Secret Agent X

Masters of Horror Vol I: Essays on Horror Fiction

Masters of Horror Vol II: More Essays on Horror Fiction

Masters of Horror Vol III: Still More Essays

Architects of Tomorrow Vol I: Keith Laumer, Robert Sheckley, Alan E. Nourse, D.G. Compton, H. Beam Piper, & Robert Moore Williams

Architects of Tomorrow Vol II: Essays on Obscure SF

Architects of Tomorrow Vol III: James Blish, Leigh Brackett, Otis Adelbert Kline, Wallace West, George H. Smith, Ray Cummings

Architects of Tomorrow Vol IV: Murray Leinster, Algis Budrys

Architects of Tomorrow Vol V: Lost Worlds, Cryptids, and Others

Architects of Tomorrow Vol VI: John Brunner

Architects of Tomorrow Vol VII: Zenna Henderson, Fred Hoyle, Richard Wilson, Ward Moore, and Others

Architects of Tomorrow Vol VIII: Clifford D. Simak, Bob Shaw, Andre Norton

Masters of Detection Vol I: John Dickson Carr (2015) Managansett Press

Masters of Detection Vol II:  Ellery Queen, S.S. Van Dine, Emma Lathen, Nicholas Blake, Colin Dexter (2015) Managansett Press

Masters of Detection Vol III: Catherine Aird, Earl Derr Biggers, Charity Blackstock, Patricia Moyes, Elizabeth Daly

Masters of Detection Vol IV:  Ruth Rendell, Joan Fleming, Frank McAuliffe

Masters of Detection Vol V: Elizabeth Linington, Mabel Seeley, Friedrich Durrenmatt

Masters of Detection Vol VI: Patricia Wentworth, Elizabeth Lemarchand

Masters of Detection Vol VII: Carolyn Wells

Masters of Detection Vol VIII: Ngaio Marsh, Arthur W. Upfield, Ross Macdonald

Masters of Fantasy: A. Merritt, Thomas Burnett Swann, Charles Finney, the Conan stories

Masters of Fantasy Vol II: Essays on Fantasy Fiction

Masters of Fantasy Vol III: David Gemmell, Clark Ashton Smith, John Collier, Gordon Dahlquist, Michael Shea, Katherine Kurtz

Not Exactly a Memoir (2017)

Reference Library, Analog, May 2009

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (Facts on File)

The Encyclopedia of Fantasy and Horror (Facts on File)

The Encyclopedia of Adventure Fiction (Facts on File)

Reviewer for Science Fiction Chronicle 1980-2006

Reviewed for Delap's Review, SF Booklog, Universe Books, Science Fiction Age, Son of the WSFA Journal

 Multiple entries for Twentieth Century Science Fiction Authors

Science Fiction & Fantasy Entries for What Do I Read Next? (1999-2015) 32 Volumes

Horror Entries for What Do I Read Next (2008-2015) 16 Volumes

"The Subtle Fiction of Charles L. Grant" in Discovering Modern Horror II

"Villains of Necessity: The Works of E.R. Eddison" in Discovering Classic Fantasy Fiction

"James Branch Cabell: No Fit Employment for a Grown Man" in Discovering Classic Fantasy Fiction

"Henry Kuttner: Man of Many Voices" in Discovering Classic Fantasy Fiction

"Inside Dying Inside" in Mythologies 3

"Young Worlds" in Mythologies 10

"Crouched on the Borderline" in Mythologies 12

"After Such Knowledge" in Mythologies 13

"Consider His Ways" in Mythologies 13

"The New Pulps" in Mythologies 17

"Robert E. Howard's Oriental Stories" in The Robert E. Howard Reader

"The New Southern Gothic" in 21st Century Gothic




Automatic Success (1982) Fifty Extremely SF Stories

Love Charm (1985) Haunts #4

The Hatchetman (1989) Eldritch Tales #19 ф

Literally Speaking (1990) Eldritch Tales #23 ф

Wake Up Call (1991) Eldritch Tales #25

The Splicer (1991) Hotter Blood ф

Little Evils (1991) Chilled to the Bone

The Guard Tower (1991) 2 AM, Fall Issue

Shadow Over R’Lyeh (1991) Pulphouse #3

Homework  (1992) Analog, December

Strange Developments (1992) Eldritch Tales #26 ф

The Dead Beat Society (1992) Shock Rock ф

Context (1992) Souls in Pawn ф

The Library of Lost Art (1993) Tomorrow #5

Forever in My Thoughts (1993) Hottest Blood ф

Friday Nights at Home (1993) Sinistre ф

Puppets (1993) Bizarre Bazaar, March

Shadow and Substance (1993) Figment #16 Җ

The Spirit of Mars (1993) Expanse #1

Passing Death (1993) Deathrealm #18 ф

Payment in Arrears (1993) Aberations #8 ф

The Subterrine, or 20,000 Leagues Under the Soil (1993) Space & Time, Spring

Moloch’s Furnace (1993) After Hours, Winter ф

Amy’s Pupil (1993) Noir #1 ф

Cleansing Agent (1993) Deathport

Corruption in Office (1993) The Ultimate Zombie

The Daylight Vampire (1993) Haunts #26

Embodiment (1993), The Tome, Winter

Inspiration (1994) Shock Rock 2

A Tight Situation (1994) Deathrealm #21 ф

Stories (1994) The Beekeeper

Frontier Spirit (1994) Pirate Writings, Fall

The Cliff Face (1994) Glimpses

The Houseguest (1994) Terminal Frights #7 ф

Jack the Martian (1994) Harsh Mistress, Spring (reprinted in The Best of Absolute Magnitude)

The Kaleidoscope (1994) Return to the Twilight Zone ф

Misadventures in the Skin Trade (1994) Borderlands 4 ф

A Noteworthy Affair (1994) Space & Time #84 ф

The Dunwich Gate (1995) Terminal Frights #10, reprinted in Tales Out of Dunwich

The Best of Company (1995) Tomorrow, February

The Knight of Greenwich Village (1995) Adventures in the Twilight Zone

The Phantom of the Space Opera (1995) The Ultimate Alien

Coming Attractions (1995) Flesh Fantastic

Next Door Neighbor (1995) 100 Wicked Witch Stories ф

Hair Apparent (1995) 100 Wicked Witch Stories

Misapprehensions (1995) 100 Vicious Vampire Stories

Present in Spirit (1995) Peter Straub’s Ghosts ф

All Flesh Is Clay (1995) Blood Muse ф

Twisted Images (1995) Necronomicon Press chapbook

Actual Mode (1995) VB Tech, September

Escape (1995) Midnight Journeys

Empirical Facts (1996) Absolute Magnitude, Fall

The Hunting Party (1996) Pulp #7

Orwell’s Other Nightmare (1996) Analog, May

Sneak Thief (1996) Tomorrow #21 ф

The Potpourri Plot (1996) Keen SF, July

Thoracic Park (1996) Analog, July

Translation Station (1996) Talebones #4

Kites (1996) Night Terrors 2 ф

Milk Curdling Horror (1996) Deathrealm #29

A Vivid Imagination (1996) Black Lily #3

Getting with the Program (1997) Pirate Writings #13

Restoring Order (1997) Space & Time #87

Dark Providence (1997) Return to Lovecraft Country

Expectations (1997) Cemetery Dance, Fall

Bad Soil (1997) Singer of Strange Songs ф

The Managansett Horror (1997) Terminal Frights ф

Remnants (1997) Night Terrors, July ф

Foodworld (1998) Millennium, Januaryф

Bad Feelings (1998) Horrors: 365 Scary Stories

Candid Camera (1998) Horrors: 365 Scary Stories ф

The Chindi (1998) Horrors: 365 Scary Stories

The Immortal Muse (1998) Horrors: 365 Scary Stories

Predator (1998) Horrors: 365 Scary Stories

Stakeout (1998) Horrors: 365 Scary Stories

Leave Me Alone (1998) Night Terrors #6 ф

The Piggy Bank (1998) Horrors: 365 Scary Stories

Adding It Up (1998) Talebones #13

Scylla and Charybdis (1998) In the Shadow of the Gargoyle ф

Repaid in Kind (1998) Fifth Dimension, June

Prey for the Dead (1998) The Kiss of Death

Cat Eyes (1998) Night Terrors #7 ф

Dominion (1999) New Mythos Stories

Intrusion (1999) Pirate Writings #17

Wormdance (1999) Isaac Asimov’s SF, May

Realizations (1999) Whitley Strieber’s Aliens

The Karma Sutra (1999) Analog, June

Dark Paris (2000) Extremes

Dumb Genius (2000) Terra Incognita #4

The Devil Is in the Details (2000) Whispered from the Grave ф

Something in Common (2001) The Dead Inn ф

Departure Delayed (2001) Extremes 2

Salt of the Earth (2002) Weird Trails

Military Deferment (2002) Warfear

The Black Rose (2002) The Book of More Flesh

A Good Offense (2003) Analog, May

Dealing with Stress (2003) The Quiet Ward

The Word Mill (2003) Analog, June

The Curing Agent (2003) Isaac Asimov’s SF, July

Fore-Thought (2004) Analog, May

Parting Shot (2004) The Book of Dark Wisdom

The Man Who Walked to Procyon (2004) Cosmic Tales 

Growing Old Together (2005) Inhuman #2

Diplomatic Relations (2006) Talebones #33

The Natural World (2008) Analog, January

No Problem (2008) Blood Lite ф

Duck and Cover (2009) Analog, July

Hearts of Stone (2009) Dark Discoveries, Spring

Complexity (2009) Shock Totem #1

Funeral Party (2009) Talebones

Wings Over Manhattan - Bad Moon Press (2010)

Slipstream Fiction (2010) Retro-Spec

No Distance Too Great (2010) Isaac Asimov's SF

Piecemaker (2010) - Blood Lite 2 ф

Ahead of His Time (2010) - Space Trails 6

Chronic Pain (2011) Cosmic Crime

Book Day (2011) - The Gloaming

Scrimshaw (2011) - Translation Station

Remotely Possible (2011) - Translation Station

The Incorruptible (2011) - Showdown at Midnight

Natural Law (2011) - Tales of Old

The Buddy System (2011) - Analog ф

Martyrs (2011) - Panverse 3 Җ

Housebound (2011) - Candle in the Attic Window

Misprints (2011) - Space & Time

Farm on the Down (2011) - Box of Delights

Dead Reckoning (2011) - Inhuman

Drawn Out (2012) - Low Noon

The Last Demon (2012) - Blood Lite 3

Sandcastles (2012) - 4 Star Stories

Pre-Pirates (2012) - Analog

Echoes (2013) - Shivers VII ф

Continuity Problem (2015) - That Way Madness Lies

Toothmarks (2015) - That Way Madness Lies

Intrusions (2015) - That Way Madness Lies

Kindred Spirits (2015) - That Way Madness Lies

Peeper (2015) - That Way Madness Lies

Making Friends (2015) - That Way Madness Lies

A Perfect Lust (2015) - That Way Madness Lies

Reverts (2015) - Little Evils

Farm on the Down (2015) - Little Evils

City Girl (2015) - Inhuman

The Handyman (2015) - Little Evils

Trapped (2015) - Little Evils

Time Trick (2015) - Passing Death

Line Edits (2015) - Passing Death

Pale Lake (2015) - Passing Death

Raggedy (2015) - Passing Death

Tainted Lives (2015) - Passing Death

Timeless in a Bottle (2015) - Elaborate Lies

The Unhaunted House (2015) - Elaborate Lies

A Cup of Cocoa (2015) - Elaborate Lies

Choosing Sides (2015) - Elaborate Lies

Housebound (2015) - Elaborate Lies

Prisoners (2015) - Elaborate Lies

Personal Weather (2015) - Elaborate Lies

Konan the Truckdriver (2015) - Elaborate Lies

The Seeds of Safarian (2015) - Elaborate Lies

Mr. Bottle (2015) - Elaborate Lies

Kingdoms Great and Small (2015) - Elaborate Lies

A Spring Bouquet (2015) - Date With the Dark

The Undead Zone (2015) - Date With the Dark

Bellwethers (2015) - Sandcastles

Found and Lost (2015) - Sandcastles

Sandcastles (2015) - Sandcastles

Left Without Words (2015) - Sandcastles

Long Time Passing (2015) - Sandcastles

Passive Resistance (2015) - Sandcastles

Finding Ariadne (2015) - Sandcastles

Traps (2015) - Sandcastles

Drifter (2015) - Sandcastles

Gothic (2015) - Sandcastles

Choice Cuts (2015) - The Devil Is in the Details

Animation (2015) - The Devil Is in the Details

Following Orders (2015) - The Devil Is in the Details

Impulsive Behavior (2015) - The Devil Is in the Details

Cat Eyes (2015) - The Devil Is in the Details

Balancing the Books (2015) - The Devil Is in the Details

The Last Supper (2015) - The Devil Is in the Details

Perfect Pitch (2015) - Alien & Otherwise

Specters (2015) - Alien & Otherwise

Neighbor (2015) - Alien & Otherwise

Inside the Sphere (2015) - Alien & Otherwise

Combat Golf (2015) - Alien & Otherwise

Your Enemy Closer (2015) - Alien & Otherwise

The Thing in the Library (2015) - Shadows Over R'lyeh

The New Guy (2015) - Shadows Over R'lyeh

Night Duty (2015) - Shadows Over R'lyeh

Artifacts of Art (2015) - Phantom of the Space Opera

Movie Review (2015) - Phantom of the Space Opera

Not a Good Year (2015) - Phantom of the Space Opera

Food for Thought (2015) - Phantom of the Space Opera

Parties of the Two Parts (2015) - Phantom of the Space Opera

Games Peoples Play (2015) - Phantom of the Space Opera

The Well Being (2017) - More Shadows Over R'lyeh

The Bad Neighbor (2017) - More Shadows Over R'lyeh

Border Town (2017) - More Shadows Over R'lyeh

Lost Canyon (2017) - More Shadows Over R'lyeh

The Warden of the Wall (2017) - More Shadows Over R'lyeh

The Key (2017) - More Shadows Over R'lyeh

Wendy (2017) - More Shadows Over R'lyeh

The Old Place (2017) - More Shadows Over R'Lyeh ф

Shell Games (2017) - More Shadows Over R'Lyeh

The Anomaly (2017) - The Retro Collection

The Day the World Dissolved (2017) - The Retro Collection

The Red Hornet (2017) - The Retro Collection

It Came from Out There (2017) - The Retro Collection

Mission to the Red Planet (2017) - The Retro Collection

Invaders from the Unknown (2017) - The Retro Collection

The Altered Astronaut (2017) - The Retro Collection

The Legend of Creepy Hollow (2017) Twice Upon an Apocalypse

Isn't Life Great? (2018) Welcome to Dystopia

The Thin Spot (2019) Still More Shadows Over R'Lyeh

The Chaos Business (2019) Still More Shadows Over R'Lyeh

The Effigy (2019) Still More Shadows Over R'Lyeh

Twisted (2019) Still More Shadows Over R'Lyeh

The Three Pale Men (2019) Still More Shadows Over R'Lyeh

The Custodian (2019) Still More Shadows Over R'Lyeh

Forthcoming Short Stories


The Piggy Bank  (Student Film)

Bad Feeling (Student Film)

Optioned (but, alas, never made)

Sneak Thief

Dead of Winter

Kaleidoscope (thrice)