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 LAST UPDATE 1/18/19

The Demons in the Green by Tom Deitz, Avon, 1996 

The second and final Thunderbird O’Connor novel brings back the were-orcas, who now plan a major campaign of assassination within the surface world. The plot is thickened by the presence of two musicians who claims to be descended from Mayans and who have somehow awakened an ancient Mayan spirit with subsequent bad consequences for the future world in which the story is set. The first half is very slow moving with long descriptions of the world of the selkies and discussions about the mechanics and morality of shapeshifting. By the time the real story got underway, I was already thinking about what I was going to read next. 1/18/19

Above the Lower Sky by Tom Deitz, Avon, 1994 

This novel of were-orcas attacking drylanders is overly long, slow paced, and the acceptance of magic by various characters too implausible to be convincing. There is a war between dolphins and selkies on one side, and were-orcas on the other. Three people are somehow chosen by destiny to have a magical impact on the outcome, and the orcas make several attempts to kill them before that can happen. There is some interesting stuff here, but it is buried in rather slow moving intrigue. For some reason the book is set about thirty years in the future, although that seems to have no real impact on the plot. 1/8/19

Warstalker’s Track by Tom Deitz, Avon, 1999  

This was the final novel in the David Sullivan series. The ruler of Faerie has been overthrown and imprisoned and the rebels are planning to cause a major disaster in the world of men because of plans to build a resort on a mountain that impinges upon both realities. All of the various recurring characters team up to rescue the king, battle the aggressive fairies, and literally move an entire reality so that the source of the conflict will go away. One of the recurring characters dies – although death is not final for fairies – and the multiverse is reordered as the rebels are defeated and the previous king restored to his throne. 1/2/19