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Aug 18 Reviews: Forerunner and Forerunner: The Second Venture by Andre Norton in SF. Discovering Dune in Nonfiction.

Aug 17 Reviews: Death Among the Undead by Mazahiro Inamura in Horror. The Amulet of Tarv by Percy F. Kensett in Fantasy.

Aug 16 Reviews: The Poisoned Chocolates Case by Anthony Berkeley and The Ha-Ha Case by J.J. Connington in Mysteries.

Aug 15 Reviews: The Ravenous Dead by Darcy Coates and Invaders from the Dark by Greye La Spina in Horror.

Aug 14 Reviews: Echo X by Ben Barzman and Space Relations by Donald Barr in SF.

Aug 13 Reviews: Here Abide Monsters by Andre Norton and Invaders from the Void by Russell Branch in SF.

Aug 12 Reviews: Forbidden House by Michael Herbert & Eugene Wyl and Advantage Miss Seeton by Hampton Charles in Mysteries

Aug 11 Reviews: Strange Mission by Howard Browne in Fantasy. Last of the Ravagers by Bryan Smith in Horror.

Aug 10 Reviews: Forerunner Foray by Andre Norton in SF. Lake of the Dead by Andre Bjerke in Horror.

Aug 9 Reviews: The Master Detective by Percy Brebner, Penelope's Web by Paul Halter, and Diabolic Candelabra by E.R. Punshon in Mysteries.

Aug 8 Reviews: Curse of the Coral Bride by Brian Stableford in Fantasy. Raid on the Termites by Paul Ernst in SF.

Aug 7 Reviews: Doctor Thorne by Anthony Trollope in Other Fiction. Through the Walls by Noel Vindry in Mysteries.

Aug 6 Reviews: Menace of the Saucers and Night of the Saucers by Eando Binder in SF. This Creeping Evil by Geoffrey Bennett in Horror.

Aug 5 Reviews: December Park by Ronald Malfi in Mysteries. Double Identity by Raymond Gallun in SF.

Aug 4 Reviews: The Dark Garden by E.R. Punshon and Due to a Death by Mary Kelly in Mysteries.

Aug 3 Reviews: Ice Crown by Andre Norton, Impossible World by Eando Binder, and Moon of Doom by Earl Bell in SF.

Aug 2 Reviews: Ash and The Secret of Crickley Hall by James Herbert in Horror.

Aug 1 Reviews: The Mummy by Jane Webb in SF. Murder in the Basement by Anthony Berkeley in Mysteries.

Jul 31 Reviews: The Soul Stealer by Graham Masterton in Horror. Boney in Movies.,

Jul 30 Reviews: With a Mind to Kill by Anthony Horowitz in Mysteries. The Devil Downstairs by P.F. Costello in Fantasy.

Jul 29 Reviews: Outside and Day of the Ness by Andre Norton in SF. Reginald in Russia by Saki in Other Fiction.

Jul 28 Reviews: Skies of Venus by Neal Romanek in SF. The Devil's Due by Bonnie Macbird in Mysteries.

Jul 27 Reviews: Three Miles Down by Harry Turtledove in SF. The Case of the Hanging Rope by Christopher Bush in Mysteries.

Jul 26 Reviews: Breed to Come by Andre Norton and Threshold of the Stars by Paul Berna in SF.

Jul 25 Reviews: Chrysalis by Lincoln Child in SF. The Bertrams by Anthony Trollope in Other Fiction. The Wintringham Mystery by Anthony Berkley in Mysteries. A History of the Middle East by Peter Mansfield in Nonfiction.

Jul 22 Reviews: The Blue Hammer, Sleeping Beauty, and The Archer Files by Ross Macdonald in Mysteries

Jul 21 Reviews: Vanished Legion by Donald Keyhoe in Other Fiction. Compulsory Games by Robert Aickman in Horror.

Jul 20 Reviews: Echoes of Time and Atlantis Endgame by Andre Norton and Sherwood Smith in SF.

Jul 19 Reviews: The Underground Man by Ross Macdonald and The Double Thirteen Mystery by Anthony Wynne in Mysteries