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Aug 30 Reviews: Earth Flight by Janet Edwards and Linesman by S.K. Dunstall in SF. The Culling in Movies.


Death in Black and White, a Paul Birch mystery set at a film festival,  is now available on Amazon. Also Masters of Detection 3, essays on Catherine Aird, Earl Derr Biggers, Charity Blackstock, Elizabeth Daly, and Patricia Moyes Click on covers to purchase.

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Aug 29 Reviews: Horror Story and Other Horror Stories by Robert Boyczuk in Horror. A Going Concern by Catherine Aird in Mysteries. Dinoshark in Movies.

Aug 28 Reviews: Liar's Island by Tim Pratt in Fantasy. Drosten's Curse by A.L. Kennedy in SF. Pterodactyl in Movies.

Aug 27 Reviews: Beneath London by James Blaylock in Fantasy. Mega Shark vs Kolossus in Movies.

Aug 26 Reviews: Probably Monsters by Ray Cluley in Horror. Outlaw in the Sky by Chester Geier in SF. Ogre in Movies.

Aug 25 Reviews: Danger Moon by Frederik Pohl and Hidden Universe by Ralph Milne Farley in SF. Body Politic by Catherine Aird in Mysteries. Sinbad Season 1 in Movies.

Aug 24 Reviews: The Consultant by Bentley Little in Horror.  Blues Brothers 2000 in Movies.

Aug 23 Reviews: Old Venus edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois in SF. A Dead Liberty by Catherine Aird in Mysteries. Blues Brothers in Movies.

Aug 22 Reviews: Sixth Extinction by James Rollins in SF. Silvertip's Strike by Max Brand in Other Fiction. Horns in Movies.

Aug 21 Reviews: Knock at Midnight and The Shirt Front by Charity Blackstock in Mysteries. Legacy from Mars by Raymond Z. Gallun in SF.

Aug 20 Reviews: Fixed Period by Anthony Trollope in SF. Huey Long by T. Harry Williams in Nonfiction. The Dentist in Movies.

Aug 19 Reviews: Malice in the Palace by Rhys Bowen in Mysteries. What the Night Knows by Dean R. Koontz in Horor. Scared Stiff in Movies.

Aug 18 Reviews: Zero World by Jason Hough and Pandora's Gun by James Van Pelt in SF. The Left-Hand Way by Tom Doyle, The Countess of Wayenor by Sasha Miller, Updraft by Fran Wilde, and Nightwise by R.S. Belcher in Fantasy. It Follows in Movies.

Aug 13 Reviews: Wreck of the Grosvenor by W. Clark Russell and King's Passport by H. Bedford-Jones in Other Fiction. Ice Road Terror in Movies.

Aug 12 Reviews: Monkey on a Chain and English Wife by Charity Blackstock in Mysteries. Toolbox Murders 2 in Movies.

Aug 11 Reviews: InterstellarNet Origins and New Order by Edward Lerner in SF. Necropolis in Movies.

Aug 10 Reviews: Five Weeks in a Balloon by Jules Verne in SF. Zarkorr in Movies.

Aug 9 Reviews: Last Respects and Harm's Way by Catherine Aird in Mysteries. Lake Placid vs Anaconda in Movies.

Aug 8 Reviews: Rage by Ken Shuffeldt in SF. Kitty Saves the World by Carrie Vaughn in Horror. True Lies  in Movies.

Aug 7 Reviews: Dark Forest by Cixin Liu in SF. Pyramid  in Movies.

Aug 6 Reviews: Fireless Age by David Keller and Beyond the Darkness by S.J. Byrne in SF. Mr. Christopoulos by Charity Blackstock in Mysteries. Killer Party  in Movies.

Aug 4 Reviews: Nightmare Charade by Mindee Arnett in Fantasy. Passing Strange by Catherine Aird in Mysteries. Night of Demons 3  in Movies.

Aug 3 Reviews: Whispering Gorilla by Dan Wilcox and Return of the Whispering Gorilla by David Reed in SF. Some Die Eloquent by Catherine Aird in Mysteries. Flesh Eaters from Outer Space and Invasion for Flesh and Blood  in Movies.

Aug 2 Reviews: Dinosaur Lords by Victor Milan in Fantasy. Extinction in Movies

Aug 1 Reviews: Rise of the Automated Aristocrats by Mark Hodder in Fantasy. Dante's Dilemma by Lynne Raimondo in Mysteries. Asteroid in Movies.

Jul 31 Reviews: Demon's Door by Graham Masterton in Horror. King Bird Rides by Max Brand in Other Fiction. Town That Dreaded Sundown in Movies.