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May 5 Reviews: Secret of Planetoid 88 by Ed Earl Repp in SF. Inspector Imanishi Investigates by Seicho Matsumoto. Giant Spider in Movies.

May 4 Reviews: Wandmaker by Ed Masessa in Fantasy. Power of Darkness by Edith Nesbit in Horror.

May 3 Reviews: Hwarhath Stories by Eleanor Arnason in SF. Death Is Forever by John Gardner in Mysteries.

May 2 Reviews: Worlds of the Wall by C.C. MacApp in SF. See Also Deception by Larry Sweazy in Mysteries. The Hallow in Movies.

May 1 Reviews: Children of Earth and Sky by Guy Gavriel Kay in Fantasy.

Apr 30 Reviews: Nebula Awards Showcase 2016 edited by Mercedes Lackey in SF. Diamond Pin by Carolyn Wells in Mysteries.

Apr 29 Reviews: Too Like the Lightning by Ada Palmer in SF. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell in Movies.

Apr 28 Reviews: Great Prince Shan by E. Phillips Oppenheim in SF. An Asimov Companion by Donald E. Palumbo in Nonfiction.

Apr 27 Reviews: Secret of the Sunless World by C.C. MacApp in SF. Hunted Riders by Max Brand in Other Fiction. Castle Season 4 in Movies.

Apr 26 Reviews: Monkey's Paw and Other Tales by W.W. Jacobs in Horror. Creeper in Movies.

Apr 25 Reviews: McTeague by Frank Norris in Other Fiction. Savage Machine by Randall Garrett in SF.

Apr 24 Reviews: Over Your Dead Body by Dan Wells in Horror. Man from Barbarossa by John Gardner in Mysteries.

Apr 23 Reviews: Bonded Agent by David B. Riley in SF. Night on the Moor by R. Murray Gilchrist in Horror.

Apr 22 Reviews: Deep Lake Mystery by Carolyn Wells in Mysteries. Howard the Duck in Movies.

Apr 21 Reviews: Couching at the Door by D.K. Broster in Horror. Brokenclaw by John Gardner in Mysteries. X: The Fiend from Beyond Space and The Wall People in Movies.

Apr 20 Reviews: Prisoners of the Sky by C.C. MacApp in SF. Hydra in Movies.

Apr 19 Reviews: Flying Threat by David Keller in SF. Publish and Perish by Francis M. Nevins Jr. in Mysteries. Destination Outer Space in Movies.

Apr 18 Reviews: Fall of Light by Steven Erikson in Fantasy. Mr & Mrs North Vol 11 in Movies.

Apr 17 Reviews: Complete John Silence Stories by Algernon Blackwood in Horror. License to Kill by John Gardner in Mysteries. Lake Fear in Movies.

Apr 16 Reviews: Fifth Dimension Tube by Murray Leinster in SF. Fire Brain by Max Brand in other Fiction. Childhood's End in Movies.

Apr 15 Reviews: We Who Survived by Sterling Noel in SF. Win, Lose or Die by John Gardner in Mysteries. Cave Women on Mars in Movies.

Apr 14 Reviews: Ninth Day by Jamie Freveletti in Mysteries. Doctor Who Season 9 Part 2 in Movies.

Apr 13 Reviews: Omha Abides by C.C. MacApp in SF. Shoot the President, Are You Mad? by Frank McAuliffe in Mysteries.

Apr 12 Reviews: For Murder I Charge More by Frank McAuliffe in Mysteries. Hot Town by Frank Malachy in Other Fiction.

Apr 11 Reviews: Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt in Horror. The Expanse in Movies.

Apr 10 Reviews: Tattooed Man by Edmond Hamilton in SF. Doll Maker by Sarban in Horror. Mr & Mrs North Vol 10 in Movies.

Apr 9 Reviews: Sound of His Horn by Sarban in SF. Man Outside by Alexander Blade in Mysteries.

Apr 8 Reviews: Rather a Vicious Gentleman by Frank McAuliffe in Mysteries. A Rescue from Jupiter by Gawain Edwards in SF. Dr Who Series 9 Part 1 in Movies.

Apr 7 Reviews: Ringstones and Other Curious Tales by Sarban in Horror. Scorpius by John Gardner in Mysteries. Mr & Mrs North Vol 9 in Movies.

Apr 6 Reviews: Quantum Break: Zero State by Cam Rogers in SF. Naked Storm by C.M. Kornbluth in Mysteries.